Why choose one of our Purpose and Self-Care Retreats? 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a southern girl from New Orleans, Louisiana with a passion for women empowerment, travel and living life on my own terms. I have worked in corporate America over the past 18 years in the financial environment, managing teams, and working as a learning and development professional. In 2015 I decided to change my life from being stuck to pursuing the things that set my soul on fire. I took an enormous leap of faith even though I was scared shitless. I wrote my first book and created my own business. On the other side of my deep dive was freedom. You too can find your path to freedom if you stop being afraid of jumping in. 

I started leading women's retreats because I have a great love for travel and it's the one thing that took me out of many dark places in my life. I wanted to share my experiences with like minded women and besides it’s always been apparent to me that retreats are meant to help others change their lives in some way or another. This is my purpose, helping people break through being stuck. Let’s explore purpose for a moment. It’s the thing that makes you light up inside or sets your soul on fire. It’s the thing that scares you, excites you, it sometimes makes you uneasy, and oftentimes brings you joy. If you haven't found it, now's the time. We all have a purpose and passion for something. 

Over the past few years of hosting free women’s events, I’ve witnessed women struggling with their body image, diet and exercise, inner beauty, careers, relationships, grief, lack of support, decision making and just not feeling like they are enough. In each of my events, women have found their voice and hidden potential. I create a safe space for women to fellowship, share and build confidence from one another. Over and over, people have gone home with a deeper sense of clarity, a new dose of confidence and a shit load of things to light them up.  

If we are truly honest with ourselves we’re all struggling with something. There is always room in our lives to spend some time, observing, nurturing and befriending. What better way to work through some hard stuff, laugh a little, or maybe even cry with a group of women who get it. 

Taking time away for yourself is great but taking time away for yourself with a purpose is even better. Our primary focus is purpose discovery and self-care but we know how to have a good time. Prepare yourself for some FUN!

Come travel and discover your purpose with us sis!

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