2019 Spa Escape

Spa Escape


This self care day is meant for full relaxation and fun. Purpose Driven Motivation will be hosting you at the beautiful and NEW Eforea Spa. This hidden treasure is located inside of the Embassy Suites at Brooks. The tranquility of the Salt Cave is sure to deliver a refreshing spa experience.  These caves consist of 12-40 tons of salt, generating a microclimate rich in negative ions that are meant to relieve stress, improve concentration, improve immune function and treat respiratory aliments. This self care day will paired with a 45 minute salt spa session, lunch and wine tasting. 

About the NEW Eforea Spa

Eforea Spa was born out of Hilton's desire to deliver a refreshingly unexpected spa experience & offer guests a spiritual escape from their increasingly hectic lives.  Guests at eforea Spa enjoy services that focus on balance & wellness.  The eforea brand promise is to take guests on a transformative journey of the senses, hence the brand's signature icon—a butterfly freed from its cocoon.  

Health and Wellness

Each Purpose Driven Motivation Retreat will focus on the Mind, Body and Soul. We believe in creating experiences that focus on both the internal and external work necessary to leave you feeling balanced. Through exercise, journalling, dance, workshops, meditation, and sister talks, this weekend is sure to give you a renewed sense of purpose! Prepare yourself for some fun indoor and outdoor activities.


Our consciously created retreats allow you to escape your everyday life, nourish the mind and body, and connect with like minded souls. Retreats give us the freedom to  immerse ourselves in a process to go deeper and connect with our fellow sisters. We get to take time away from our busy lives to be present, to recharge, reconnect, rejuvenate and reset ourselves. The central focuses of our retreats are defining your purpose and promoting self-care, but we know how to have FUN! Each retreat will be equal parts fun, relaxation, self-care and purpose discovery. So whether you just need a break away to connect with a sisterhood, or experience a life transition, Purpose Driven Motivation Retreats is the way to go. The sense of empowerment you’ll gain from this experience will be yours for the taking!

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