Book and Matching Diamond Pen Set 


Diamond Ink Pen Description:

One matching pen in either rose gold or silver will accompany your new Framed with Purpose book for journaling. These pens are designed with a diamond shaped crystal attached. Each ballpoint pen is made of stainless metal and is made with an easy twist action for convenient refills. Refills not included


Book Description:

Learn to live a happier, purposeful life month by month. In this book, you will be provided twelve months of motivation and life-changing insight, with hopes to inspire you to live life unapologetically happy and grateful. This is no ordinary self-help book or journal. It is a complete user-driven guide that is meant to keep you engaged and empowered and to allow you to explore your creativity monthly. Each chapter provides you with a central focus to frame your expressions of gratitude and acknowledgments. It is a complete user guide to see and embrace the positive aspects of your life and help you express appreciation for the little things. Monthly, you will be inspired by words of encouragement and your personal written truths to help elevate your overall well-being. In this book, my primary goal is to take you on a journey to some of my darkest places and teach you how to get out of your own. I want to help, assist, guide, and support you in discovering your life’s purpose. This will be a journey for both of us. I hope it will be as fulfilling for you to read as it was for me to plan.

Framed With Purpose Book & Matching Pen

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Purpose Driven Motivation