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An astute businesswoman who unapologetically pursues excellence in all she does, Monique Chantel Johnson is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, financial consultant, published author, wife, mother, sister, friend, and self-titled purpose pusher.

A southern girl from New Orleans, Monique’s life passion is empowering others, traveling, and living life on her own terms. Equipped with a mission to tear down the notion that we aren’t enough as we are, Monique’s philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that we arrive fully capable of becoming all that we desire. Her life’s mission is to teach individuals to use the tools they already have to carry the confidence to pursue all they want out of life.

In 2015, feeling stuck after eighteen years in the professional financial world, Monique sought to take a leap of faith and pursue things that set her soul on fire. She started by writing her first book, Framed with Purpose, and launching her business, Purpose Driven Motivation. Sharing her own life experience and challenges, Monique teaches everyday women how to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of success through her company Purpose Driven Motivation.


Through her eighteen-year career in finance, Monique worked as a multifaceted business professional in learning development management, branch operational management, quality assurance management, and as a certified financial counselor. Seeking to share her experience, Monique launched Focus Fitness Finance in 2020.

A teacher at heart, Monique enjoys sharing life practices and regularly gives inspiring talks around the U.S., highlighting wellness, self-care, purpose, financial management, business, and personal development.

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